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Today's Social media marketing is a broad term that encompasses a number of different subjects. This isn’t just a matter of posting regular Tweets and Instagram posts – instead business owners need comprehensive social media strategies that will straddle multiple channels and that will work to effectively build followers, trust and sales. 

Effective social media campaigns will potentially result in your small business or blog being seen by thousands or even millions of people and multiplying your sales and traffic. We use social media to spread your message through existing social networks so that you're gaining referrals & testimonials from the friends and family that your customers trust. At the same time, the best social media campaigns can help businesses to grow, trust and authority of their own by developing a real relationship with your followers that helps to position your business as top priority and choice.

For a number of years we have helped businesses, enterprises and individuals with establishing and growing there presence through all platforms. These days if you own a business you must have an online presence and if you don't you are missing out on a whole other realm of consumers and sales profits. Let us help begin and/or maintain your social media presence through our extensive tools, experience, and expertise!

“Focus on how to be social, not how to do social We've got that covered.”





Being a bed and breakfast owner I struggled with finding time to do social media. As innkeepers we spend most of our time helping guests, making beds, and breakfast so I never had time left to promote my biz on the internet even though I know it was important to have a presence there. I stumbled on Millennial Marketing scrolling through Instagram and boy am I happy I did. They had my page up the same day i signed up on the top 3 social media sites and even helped with my first 3 posts on all pages. I’ve been telling all my innkeepers friends about them ever since!

Wilfred E Joseph

Arbor View House Bed & Breakfast

East Marion, NY

I’m a full time mom and double as a full time real estate agent while also running my small children’s clothes ETSY business. That being said I attempted many times to get my pages on social media up and running. 6 months later I was still in the same place with the same followers and a lack of presence online. My friend told me about companies that offer the service to do it for you. The answer to my prayers lol!!! After reaching out to a number of larger companies I found online I found that most were outside of my budget…..then I stubbled upon Millinnial Marketing NYC! They got my pages in order in a timely manner and was easy to contact whenever I needed help or didn’t understand something I was trying to do on my own! Such a great service I would definitely recommend.

Ashleigh Adesanya

Keller Williams ~ Realtor

Atlanta, GA

Great people, Great service, Love working with them!

Chance Kirkwood

The Design Store

Los Angeles, CA

I already had all my social media pages together but when getting feedback from customers, my design and content was boring, I was doing some hashtag searching and found one of Millennial Marketing posts that I loved so I reached out to them by dm. They not only helped me with constructing monthly content posts that are graphically appealing to my guests but also assisted in finding the correct software to cut my social media marketing time in half when working on my business and pages. We continue to have a great working relationship and I would recommend them to everyone!

Kelly Holland

FourXEyesX Eyewear

Los Angeles, CA


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