Spring is in the Air!

by Tabetha Crowder

Spring is in the air....or at least we wish it was here in nyc.. Most of you have already been able to start enjoying the spring flair. For those of us stuck in the gloomy place brightening up your interior may help to bring the flowers until the May showers decide to go away. Here are 5 helpful tips to spruce up any room!

1. Rug it Up!

Like the spring flowers and green grass outside, the turn in seasons calls for something bright underfoot. Choose your favorite color staple rug for the living room or your favorite print or pattern for the bedroom. Make sure to pick out bright colors that follow the scheme of whatever room you are decorating.

2. Re-frame your Art!

If your art collection doesn't woo you like it did once upon a time, refresh your pieces! Switching out display frames to colors like gold, silver, pink, and turquoise can help to brighten up any room. Check out our new collection of Luxury Inspired Canvases, ranging from Chanel inspired wall art to Prada framed pieces for any room in your home or office.  Shop our Canvases here:  http://www.stayflyny.com/shop/

3. Paint Your Cabinet!

Convention shouldn't limit you when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. Make an kitchen feel brand new by rolling on a fun and bright color of choice! Match it with appliance, or furniture to bring in a new view and make it pop!

4. Spruce Up Your Closet

Start each and everyday with a beautiful closet. Whether it's a little improvement like swapping out those boring plastic hangers for new velvet colored hangers, or a big makeover like adding wallpaper or extra shelves for more organization and room any update is sure to improve the morning routine.

5. Do A Coffee Table Book Overhaul...

Gather books that you love or that fit the decor of your are, buy new luxury decorative books, or choose your favorite magazines (yes those still exist). You will need at least about 4-5 of the magazines to make the display look good. Organize them into these categories....Display Now, Display Later, and Donate. The "Display Later" books are typically out-of-season books (say, holiday books) that you can swap with your currently displayed books later in the year.

Hope these tips are put to good use! Tag us in your home decor pics, especially if you order from our new Canvas Collection! Shop Here: http://www.stayflyny.com/shop/